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Jul 28, 2015

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Road to FSF RYF Endorsement... and Beyond

NOTE: PureOS is working to get FSF Distribution Endorsement, in the above diagram we are referring to Trisquel, which PureOS adds packages to.

Purism continues progressing with its grandiose plans to be the first laptop manufacturer to ever receive Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) Respects Your Freedoms (RYF) certification.

Since the question of why Purism doesn’t yet have FSF RYF endorsement comes up regularly, we wanted to provide a visual roadmap for our progress as we work toward FSF RYF endorsement.

Purism offers the first high-end privacy and freedom-respecting laptops by manufacturing the motherboard and sourcing daughter cards, where all chips are designed to run free software. Purism laptops are completely free from the bootloader through the kernel (with no mystery code, binary blobs, or firmware blobs), including the operating system and all software. We have yet to free the Intel FSP binary from within the coreboot BIOS to get FSF RYF endorsement. We are working diligently to free the BIOS, but our goal is to go further than that: Purism also intends to free the firmware within HDDs and SSDs.

Refer to the following posts about our progress toward FSF RYF endorsement:

  1. About Purism and Librems and Cake
  2. Freeing the BIOS: Memory Init
  3. Pioneering CPU Efforts to Liberate Laptop Hardware
  4. Purism Software Freedom Deconstructed
  5. BIOS Freedom Status
  6. Purism Competitive Matrix

We will update this page as we progress toward FSF RYF endorsement and beyond.

If you are interested in helping us free the BIOS or beyond, please send your interest to our

Alternatives: If you are interested in older hardware that currently has a free BIOS and already has FSF RYF certification you should support GluGlug.

If you are interested in an amazing open-hardware computing platform, you should support Novena.

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