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Dec 07, 2015

Project update 17 of 19

PureOS 2.0 OEM Install ISO

We have finalized the PureOS 2.0 OEM Install ISO, so we can ship batches waiting for PureOS 2.0 starting on Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 11th.

This ISO, which we will be releasing within two weeks, is built to solve one of the long standing pain points of GNU/Linux based installations. The problem has historically been to get full disk encryption, or to setup your own username and password (not getting a preconfigured/default username/password), a user must install their own operating system. We solved this by having an installation ISO that we preseed with sane defaults and stick at the end of the disk. Then upon first boot, you (the user), boot the PureOS 2.0 operating system install process, encrypting the disk, configuring the keyboard, timezone, and entering your username, and password. This ensures you are in control of your device.

The process from start to finish is this:

  1. Purism formats and writes two partitions, one large and empty, one to hold the install ISO

  2. Purism copies the PureOS 2.0 install ISO to the spare partition at the end of the disk

  3. Purism ships to users

  4. User boots the Librem laptop and PureOS 2.0 installs

  5. Prompting for keyboard, timezone, wireless, username, and password

  6. Installation completes

  7. Second boot the Libem laptop boots PureOS 2.0 and user can log in

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