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Aug 13, 2018

The μArt is funded!

I would like to thank all my backers who put their trust in me. The μArt has reached 100% of its funding goal just two and a half days after campaign start. This totally blew my mind not because this is unprecedented (it is not), I just never expected this to happen to me. This is my first campaign, and all the uncertainties and insecurities are now replaced by happiness and a healthy rush of adrenaline. I am particularly glad I was able to create something that is useful to a whole bunch of people.

While the campaign continues according to its original schedule, knowing that funding is secure means two important things for you and me both. First of all, batch production will surely happen now and everybody who backs the project will receive the rewards. Secondly, I can start some production preparations earlier, lessening the probability of any shipment delays later on.

But work for me is far from done yet. Beside production preparations, I will use the time remaining to produce resources (documentation and software), conduct more 3rd party testing, and plan for post-campaign life. The goal is clearly for the μArt to stay available long after the campaign has ended, and for this I need partners and gather some information. During the campaign, I will also keep publishing regular project updates about my progress and about some nice-to-know things concerning the μArt that you might find interesting. If you’d like to stay informed, I recommend you subscribe to updates on the campaign page, that way you’ll get notified as soon as new information is available.

To summarize, the project is fully backed and I thank you for that, and I’ll keep doing my best to fulfill my promises and to keep you informed.

$20,496 raised

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Single μArt

A complete and full-featured μArt unit including its nifty case, for all your UART'ing needs.


The μArt Kit

A μArt unit, its case, a premium USB cable and IO cables. This kit contains everything to connect the μArt, so you can be sure to be able to hack right away.


Duo Pack of 2 μArts

Double the fun. Order two at the same time and save on shipping.


2x Cable Bundle

Moooore cables for multiple μArts. Includes two premium USB cables and four IO cables.


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What is better than a μArt? 4x μArts! This is the backer option you need for teams and friends, or simply just if you are dead serious.

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