A powerful, open hardware ECP5 FPGA dev board

Aug 31, 2020

Project update 13 of 20

Almost There

by Goran Mahovlić

Hi to all!

More happy news from Intergalaktik!!! As of 28th August, our first batch—which includes 788 ULX3S boards and 200 PMOD sets—is on its way to Mouser for fulfillment. It will cover all crowdfunding orders and all current pre-orders.

ULX3S boards on their way out the door

Again, we are really sorry about all delays.

The Intergalaktik Offices

We had some bad news, but it’s already been replaced with good news. Just moments after I had worked out how to use our new pick-and-place machine to place an ECP5, its vacuum just…stopped working.

Here it was working properly:

Now, I really enjoy disassembling things to figure out why they’re not working, so I actually had mixed feelings about this. I now have a fix for the problem and some great pictures of the machine’s guts!

Pick-and-place machine internals
Pick-and-place machine mainboard

In the end, it was the large vacuum motor that had died, so I contacted Irnas, and they arranged to ship us a new one, and it’s already on its way here.

Vacuum pump placement
Vacuum pump test

One more piece of great news (at least for me) is that I will be going on holiday for the next two weeks!

Until our next update,
The Radiona team!

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