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Sep 21, 2020

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Our Shipment Has Finally Arrived at Mouser's Warehouse

by Goran Mahovlić

Hi everybody. We lost a couple weeks due to customs-related issues, but everything has come through in the end. The shipment is now at Mouser’s warehouse, and they’ll begin sorting it all out this week. We’ve pushed the estimated ship date back to October 12th, but we expect crowdfunding orders to be on their way before that.

You have all been awesomely patient with these fulfillment delays. Thank you!

Please check the Order Details in your Crowd Supply account settings to make sure your shipping address is up-to-date!

Future Production

More good news. We received that replacement vacuum motor, so our pick-and-place machine is back up and running. Which means I get to continue experimenting with it!

Using this script, I was able to export the USB PMOD KiCad project and complete a test on that:

Slow Motion

Full Speed

Next up, I’ll have a go at the new GPDI PMOD design. (We didn’t change much, but it’s now a four-layer board with 0402 resistors and capacitors so everything fits on the bottom side.) I did some experimental panels, which are already in production.

Other news

Until our next update,
- The Radiona team!

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