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Nov 30, 2021

Project update 19 of 20

New v3.1.7 Batch Arriving

by Goran Mahovlić

Hello all,

We very much appreciate the patience of everyone who’ve been waiting for their ULX3S!

Short update here, just to let you know we have shipped a new batch to Mouser. This batch contains 60 pcs of 85F boards and 21 pcs of 12F boards.

This batch was done by e-radionica.

Given that, we would like to ask that you please check your shipping address on Crowd Supply. (It’s been a while since the campaign…) If you need to update your shipping address, you can do so through your account settings on Crowd Supply.

Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

The next larger batch will be done by D&M. They have all parts, and if everything goes right we will have 200 85 F boards by the end of this month. We have also secured 200 more 85F FPGA chips.

Up until ULX3S v3.1.6, we tested our boards at Intergalaktik with a Perl script done by Dobrica, but that testing method is not great for production companies to follow.

So we talked with Envox about our problem, as hundreds of ULX3S boards need to be programmed and tested in the next production run. This means that the tester should initiate thousands of actions and be careful not to skip any of them.

And in no time, Envox offered us a solution!

To reduce human error and speed up the whole process, test procedures will be automated using the open source cross-platform EEZ Studio flow, a visual tool that will enable testing of up to 10 modules simultaneously, inform testers about test progress and possible errors, and results are stored in PostgreSQL database.

We are continuing to work on ULX4M - NlNet funded CM4 IO compatible FPGA board

ULX4M-LS v0.0.1 prototypes are done

You can read more here: http://lemilica.com/archives/3204

ULX4M-LS v0.0.2 PCBs are ordered - on this new board, all GPIOs are connected, and some pins are connected in two places as we still want to enable ESP32(that will be on the hat) to access some pins.

Initial CM4 IO HAT is ordered - for now it has just the FTDI chip and ESP32…

Our next plan is to work on the DDR3 version of ULX4M-LD and prepare documentation for the new Crowd Supply campaign. We have already signed a Statement of Work, so expect more news soon!

We are also working on our Synth project, so please let us know if you want to see it on Crowd Supply.

It is still in the early prototype phase, but here is the first beta picture (without a touch screen…)

Regarding the next batch of ULX3S, the new delivery date has been moved out a few months, to February, as new boards will need some time to get to Crowd Supply…

Until the next update!


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