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Apr 25, 2023

Project update 20 of 20

Progress Towards v3.1.8 and Announcing the ULX4M Campaign

by Goran Mahovlić

Hello all,

We very much appreciate the patience of everyone who’s been waiting for their ULX3S! As you all know, FPGA chips have been hard to find, but luckily things are slowly getting better.

As we got many requests from EU and UK to make the board available we needed to make some changes to the ULX3S designs. The design is now switched from an older KiCad file to a new one, and the board is now six-layer so we can have better signal integrity. This new board is now passing all of our internal tests needed for CE and UKCE certifications.

ULX3S v.3.1.8 top
ULX3S v.3.1.8 bottom

We added some more logos, including an OSHW logo since the board is now OSHW certified.

We also fully connected the SerDes 0 bank pins to an OLED connector so we can now experiment with new features if SUM parts are placed. Our plan is to find good use cases for those pins and add a connector to the bottom of ULX3S board. But that will be done in v3.2

Panelization was done using KiKit. The next batch will be done by D&M. All parts (except PCBs that are already ordered) have been secured so we are expecting the next batch in a month or two. You can read more about our batch testing.

Also make sure you read other news on the Intergalaktik website.

Check Out the New ULX4M

If you like ULX3S then you will for sure like our new CM4 pin-out compatible ULX4M! So, make sure you subscribe to the campaign. We already have almost everything confirmed working on two versions: ULX4M-LS (SDRAM) ULX4M-LD (DDR3).

SDRAM version on Piunora running FreeDOS on Next186
DDR3 version on Waveshare board

Until the next update!


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