Open source, Arduino-compatible Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) platform for use as a beacon, microcontroller, and HID device.

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Oct 28, 2014

Project update 4 of 11

Demos and Discussions

Hello Backers!
We are well past our 5th week and are nearing the end of our campaign now. As we continue exploring the potential of Tah, this week lets make two Tahs speak to each other via a motion controlled car. Check it out here. We’ve also got a cool demo on how to use Tah as a remote control for a TV with the IR shield here.
We want to take Tah ahead as a community more than anything else. Any good community should have a place to discuss ideas and share progress. So we have created a discourse forum at discuss.tah.io ! Check it out and leave a comment or start a new topic ! We’d love to hear more from you. As we near the end of this campaign, we’d like to give a shout out to all our backers out there. Thanks for getting us this far! We still need your help in getting the word out to all your friends and colleagues so that we can get the Tah boards to you.

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