Open source, Arduino-compatible Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) platform for use as a beacon, microcontroller, and HID device.

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Mar 12, 2015

Shipping Status

Hey! We’ve started shipping out Tahs to our backers this week, and more packages will be going out over the next few days. Due to a minor problem with the paperwork, the shipments to the US shall go out starting next week. We’ve already started receiving a few tweets of the unboxing. Please continue sharing your experiences! Cheers, Team Tah Read the full update.

Feb 09, 2015

Update address before shipping

Hello Backers, First of all wed like to thank all our backers for being patient. Manufacturing sometimes take unexpected turns which results in delays, and we apologise for that. The good part : The Tah boards have been manufactured and tested ! We are now waiting for the boxes in which the Tah will ship. They will be delivered this week and well be shipping out your boards from India come Mon... Read the full update.

Jan 21, 2015

Invitation to Hangout

Hello backers! As we get closer to shipping out the boards, Revealing Hour Creations will be a hosting a hangout on air where we will deep dive into the territory of Bluetooth Low Energy - an exciting and indispensable phenomenon of the Internet Of Things. RSVP Convert to my local time The session is aimed at introducing and discussing the various facets of BLE to beginners and experts alike, w... Read the full update.

Jan 05, 2015

Revised Shipping Date

Hello backers! We have some good news and some bad news for all our backers. First the bad news. We ran into some delays because of the changes in the Tah design. A small batch of 30 boards was manufactured and assembled. This took some time and we are going to have to push our shipping date by a month. We are targeting early February for getting your boards out to you. The good news is that... Read the full update.

Dec 05, 2014

Revamped IR Shield

Dearest backers! We are closer to putting the Tah in your hands! Weve redesigned the IR Shield for better performance by amplifying the current for each IR LED independently. This gives us a far better range than the previous version. It now plays nicely with the redesigned Tah boards we talked about in our last update. Weve re-done the Github repositories for the apps, making it nice and easy... Read the full update.

Nov 14, 2014


The Tah campaign ended today and we have successfully reached our funding goal. This was our first crowdfunding campaign and we’d like to thank all our backers supporting us. Throughout the campaign we’ve interacted with lots of people who were very supportive of Tah and also gave us some amazingly valuable feedback. As a result, we are a lot wiser than we were 60 days ago, and we owe it all to... Read the full update.

Nov 06, 2014

Design Update + Tah as a XBee Bridge

Your smartphone doesnt support all possible wireless protocols. Using the Tah as a bridge, you can connect to various communication networks by using shields. In this weeks update we have connected a smartphone to a XBee network using Tah as a middleman. Check out the video and the tutorial. Hardware Design Update We are happy to announce that we have made yet another significant update to ... Read the full update.

Oct 28, 2014

Demos and Discussions

Hello Backers! We are well past our 5th week and are nearing the end of our campaign now. As we continue exploring the potential of Tah, this week lets make two Tahs speak to each other via a motion controlled car. Check it out here. We’ve also got a cool demo on how to use Tah as a remote control for a TV with the IR shield here. We want to take Tah ahead as a community more than anything ... Read the full update.

Oct 18, 2014

60% Funded + More Demos

Hello Backers! Another eventful week just flew by, and thanks to you, we’ve touched the 60% mark on the campaign with 27 days left to go! If you’re still sitting on the fence, now is the time to press the ‘Back us’ button. Anuj and Nishant have concluded their US trips after attending many meetups happening in the Bay Area. They were at the IoT Silicon Valley and the IoT mobile app developers m... Read the full update.

Oct 10, 2014

Maker faires, tutorials and more news

Hello, backers ! Its been an awesome weekend for the Tah team. We were at three Maker Faires simultaneously and between all of us combined met thousands of amazing people from all over the world. Maker Faire Rome Prashant and Dhiraj attended the Innovation Week thnat hosted the Open Hardware Summit and other cool events leading up to the main event. We had an exhibit as well as a lightning tal... Read the full update.

Oct 01, 2014

Demos and Examples

Hello, backers! Its been over two weeks since we launched our campaign and its about time we started communicating more often with all of you on what we have been up to. But before that, we wanted to acknowledge all of you for your faith in Tah and our team. Having already reached a third of a sizeable funding goal in just two weeks feels amazing and motivates us to work harder than ever before... Read the full update.

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