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SourcePure is an easy-to-use, compact power supply unit that accepts a wide array of power inputs and outputs reliable, stable 1.8, 3.3, and 5 VDC power.

Professionals and hardware hobbyists need reliable power. Whether you’re testing a new PCB design or troubleshooting sensitive analog circuits, everything starts with a good power supply unit. That’s why SourcePure was designed to use precision-filtered components that won’t inject additional noise.

An included 9 V rechargeable lithium battery makes SourcePure ideal for different situations. No matter if you need to test your board at the lab, power your circuit in the field, or work from a library—you don’t need to carry a heavy power supply any more!

Verifiable High Precision Output

Although it is a compact and portable power supply, SourcePure has been designed to output 1.8 VDC, 3.3 VDC, and 5 VDC of extremely clean power. We have validated it, and 20 pre-production units are currently in the wild with testers. But you don’t have to believe us—take a look at the readings at each of its outputs from our Fluke 289 TrueRMS Multimeter:

Measuring output 1.8 VDC while connected to a dynamic load:

Ultra High PSRR: 83 dB @ 100 Hz, 85 dB @ 1 KHz, 80 dB @ 10 KHz, 61 dB @ 100 KHz (Measured at 10 mA current)

Ultra Low Noise: 9 uVRMS

Measuring 3.3 VDC output while connected to a dynamic load:

Ultra High PSRR: 60 dB @ 1 KHz, 45 dB @ 100 KHz, 30 dB @ 1 MHz (Measured at 1 A current)

Ultra Low Noise: 30 uVRMS

Measuring 5 VDC output while connected to a dynamic load:

3 A, super high efficient switching mode power supply (switching frequency 50 kHz - 1.5 MHz)

Features & Specifications

Supported outputs:

Supported inputs: 8 VDC to 28 VDC

Main Components:

Included with each SourcePure will be a 9 V 3000 mAH rechargeable battery, a durable aluminum case, and an assortment of useful leads seen below:

Open Source

The schematics for SourcePure will be made public when crowdfunding begins.

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