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Jul 17, 2017

Project update 9 of 10

Manufacturing + Shipping

Dear Backer,

Here is the latest manufacturing update. Paperino orders will be shipping soon! If you have moved or would like to change your shipping address for any reason, you can update it online through your account on Crowd Supply. If your account needs updating, please do so within 48 hours.

Markus & Robert

Manufacturing Update 2

Paperino products during assembly.

All assembled driver boards and the little red front covers safely arrived. We had the chance to watch the production process of the front-covers live on-site: Screen-printing is so nice! It was exciting to see the mixing + testing of different color combinations (i.e. to match with the PCB color), to test front- and backside printing, to try an additional backside layer (to block transmission through the cover) and different transparent material stacks (glossy/antiglare, hardcoat yes/no). Finally we selected silver as secondary color and decided not to print the backside blocking layer. This allows you to see the underlying electronic lines shining partly through, looking a bit like the old semitransparent gameboy :-) We hope you’ll like it!

Afterwards the PCBs and displays were connected, fixed, and each unit was tested carefully. The package with all the electronic kits left Germany last Friday and will arrive early this week at the warehouse in Portland. From there the individual kits will be distributed and send out to you right on schedule!

Documentation & Testing

In the remaining next two weeks the focus will be set on finishing the documentation and testing the library setup. Thanks to your feedback in the backer survey we now know the mainly used microcontrollers: Particle Photon (& Electron), WeMos D1 mini, Arduino MKRFOX1200 & NodeMCU cover more than 80% of your use cases. We started testing them using the Web-IDEs (for Particle & Arduino) as well as the Arduino IDE. Its a little challenge to achieve compatibility for all these platforms and the microcontrollers while keeping the library code short and universal without too much exceptions at the same time. We will keep you updated once the documentation is finished.

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