Paperino: A Micro ePaper with Accelerometer

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Particle and Arduino Users: You can start playing with this ePaper display within minutes!

An ePaper display mimics the appearance of natural paper and can show text and images without any power. This makes them perfect for your next battery-driven project or ultra-low power application. Paperino’s integrated accelerometer offers tap-sensing functions, portrait/landscape detection, and enables you to wake-up the microcontroller after movement-based events.

Paperino will be available in three flavours:

  • Comfortable: A shield for the Particle Photon (plug-and-play)
  • Universal: A breadboard-friendly, universal breakout board
  • Minimal: Just the display and the driver module PCB, ready to be hooked-up to your own controller or incorporated onto your PCB

Paperino boards

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