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An easy-to-use, micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community

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Thanks, an Example Project, and the Pilot PCB Run.

First of all: Thanks for supporting Paperino!

We are so glad to see all of you out there supporting this project. The feedback and questions that we’ve received so far are proof of the interest in ePaper. However we still need some more courageous supporters, so please help us spread the word!

In this update, check out an example Paperino project and see images from our pilot run of PCBs!

Example No. 1: A Connected IoT Desk Frame

Connected IoT Desk Frame.

In case you are still searching for a nice idea we prepared a first example: Let’s build a Connected, IoT Desk Frame!

This example makes use of the reflective properties of ePaper displays. By integrating the Paperino almost seamlessly into one of your favourite drawings, pictures or photos, the ePaper can become part of a larger, printed image, giving it some kind of magic IoT aura! In connection with a Particle Photon we can easily update parts of the screen triggered by web events:

  • Visualize your Gmail inbox status via a laughing or sad smiley (new mail received)
  • Show the song name and artist of your Spotify account
  • ... (placeholder for one of your ideas here) ...

Interested? Check out the project at hackaday:

Pilot Run Received

Pilot run PCB samples.

Yay! Our pilot run PCBs arrived. Finding a PCB manufacturer was not as easy as we hoped, mainly due to our special demands like:

  • red solder mask
  • ENIG finish (it just looks great with the red solder mask, right?)
  • 1 mm PCB thickness
  • half-cut holes / castellation (this was the deal breaker for most manufacturers)

Interested followers looking for some more technical details, please have a look at our detailed project log at

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask!



$8,893 raised

of $5,000 goal

177% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


ePaper Display

Includes one ePaper display. Without a Paperino driver board you will not be able to change the image content.


Breakout Board

A universal ePaper breakout-board, ready to be wired-up on the breadboard with your own Arduino /-compatible MCU. Including accelerometer, temperature sensor, and ePaper display.


Robert Poser

Maker & Listener. Passionate about flexible ePaper displays, ultra-low power strategies, selfpowered-devices & other sustainable stuff ;-)

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Robert Poser


PCB Manufacturer

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