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May 05, 2017

Hookup Guide and Test Rig

The Hookup Guide

To get started after unboxing your Paperino we created a step-by-step hookup guide. It describes the first steps around the hardware setup and explains how to run your first very own “Hello World!” sketch. The tutorial is split into the following sections:

  • Breakout Board – To begin, we’ll go over each of the pins on the breakout board and their function.
  • Hardware hookup – In this section we’ll show you how to hookup an Arduino to the display via SPI.
  • Using the Adafruit Library – A quick examination of how to include Adafruits GFX library
  • First Example: Hello World! – The first complete example… let’s make the display blink!

Project Log: Building A Test Rig

To test the assembled PCBs before shipping we will need a nice testing jig concept. It should cover the PCB functioning as well as a final check of the working display. To save time and money on PCB design and manufacturing we decided to whip out some Perfboard, ordered some pogo pins on eBay, checked our component drawer and fired up the soldering iron. The schematics can be found in our hardware repo.

If you are interested in more details on building a test jig just head over here.

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E-paper Display

Get an ePaper display with your name written on it (or anything else you'd like to see). Without a Paperino driver board you will not be able to change the image content and it will stay there forever. Your statement against fast-moving reality! (or a spare display)


Driver Board with ePaper

A small driver module PCB, ready to be hooked-up to your own controller or incorporated onto your PCB. Including accelerometer, temperature sensor, and ePaper display. Soldering skills needed!


Particle Shield (PnP)

A Plug-and-Play Micro ePaper shield for the Particle Photon, Electron, and Bluz from Including accelerometer, temperature sensor, and ePaper display.


Breakout Board

A universal ePaper breakout-board, ready to be wired-up on the breadboard with your own Arduino /-compatible MCU. Including accelerometer, temperature sensor, and ePaper display.


Complete Starter Kit

Everything you need to start playing around with your next ePaper based project: Particle Photon and Paperino Shield for the Photon, including accelerometer, temperature sensor and one ePaper display.

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