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An open source robotics and automation controller for Raspberry Pi.

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Jun 11, 2019

Project update 12 of 29

Campaign Nearing Conclusion, Funding Goal Lowered

We have nearly reached the end of the campaign time without reaching the initial \$9,000 goal, but we will still deliver the Robo HAT MM1 devices ordered to all our backers at a new funding goal of \$2,500.

The Crowd Supply team and Robotics Masters team have discussed and agreed that the funding goal can be lowed to $2,500. How so?

This campaign has validated our assumptions and confirmed that there is interest in the Robo HAT MM1 - a controller that is able to accompany the Raspberry Pi for autonomous driving and more. This has been evidenced not only by your support, but also from forces outside of the direct campaign.

In consultation with Crowd Supply, we have been able to work out that the funding goal can be lowered to $2,500.00 and we will still be able meet all our delivery goals. This is only possible because we have been lucky enough to have extensive support from someone outside of the campaign who is also interested in making Robo HAT MM1 become a reality.

We wanted to let backers know of these changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions about these changes or are uncomfortable with this adjustment for any reasons - please get in touch. You can learn more about how you are protected as a Crowd Supply backer here.

We thank all of the backers who have pledged during this campaign. Without your support it would have been very hard to keep going. We are committed to delivering everyone the products that they pledged for — on-time and working. This is a great product that you have supported and we plan on making sure you all get your hands on it ASAP!

Crowd Supply has been really supportive during the campaign process. They have helped us out immensely with our first product launch.

Around the Web

Throughout the campaign we had support from many people, reaching far and wide across the world! We have seen the Robo HAT MM1 appear in many blogs, Twitter posts, and Facebook mentions. Here is a few highlighted below:

Adafruit Python on Hardware Blog 29 (4:10) - Crowd Supply and Adafruit Partnerships

Adafruit Python on Hardware Blog 32 (1:20, 9:30) - CircuitPython: Creating Custom Boards, CircuitPython Support

Adafruit Python on Hardware Blog 33 (4:38) - UF2 Bootloader: Creating Custom Boards


We have also created materials throughout the campaign to help everyone run libraries on their own custom boards.We have seen over 10,000 hits across all of the guides on If you haven’t seen them - you can check them out below.

UF2 Bootloader: Creating Custom Boards

CircuitPython: Creating Custom Boards

Arduino IDE: Creating Custom Boards

Jetson Nano

We have also just released the Jetson Nano Fork for the Donkey Car Library, being used by a number of people already. It can be found here. The Donkey Car community have shown great support during this campaign. We caught up with them at Maker Faire and are constantly working with them to build a stronger community and better hardware on the Slack channel.


We will be continually providing updates on how the manufacturing is going. We have already visited the factories a number of times and will be selecting one that will make the boards soon. Both have a great assembly line and testing facilities to ensure all boards are built to the highest specification.

A video tour of the factory was just released on YouTube by Strange Parts a few days ago (no association with us, just the same factory). Well worth a watch if you are interested in seeing how the boards will be made.

Stay tuned for updates on manufacturing and other things going forward!

Thanks for all your support!

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