Crowd Supply Guide: How are Backers Protected?

Backer protection is built into Crowd Supply from the ground up. It’s part of our basic business philosophy, and is reflected in both our policies and our practices. We’ll take the rest of this section of the Backer Guide to explain exactly how that works.

Our Approach To Crowdfunding

We’re not going to sugar-coat this, backing a product before it goes to market does entail some inherent risk. Delays, shortages, design problems, and other unforeseen issues can delay or prevent a project from getting to market. When you back a crowdfunding campaign for a new product, you’re essentially placing a bet on the creator to come through on their end of the deal. That’s why we do as much as we can to tilt the odds in favor of backers and creators alike. This approach is proven to work: every project that has ever received funds through Crowd Supply has delivered to their backers (or is on track to do so). You are not funding someone’s pipe-dream; at Crowd Supply you are purchasing an actual product.

How We Choose Projects

We carefully curate all the projects that launch on Crowd Supply. The majority of project submissions don’t make our cut. Those that do make it have:

  1. A Good Product: We like products that are original, useful, and respectful.

  2. A Good Plan to Raise Funds: Different funding goals require different approaches. We make sure the funds a project will likely raise align with its funding goal. We do this by looking at what kind of community the project has already built up, who else might be interested, what kind of messaging the project uses, pricing, the funding goal itself, and more.

  3. A Good Plan to Spend Funds: Once a project raises funds, it needs to spend them to get the product manufactured. We make sure the project has a credible plan for coming up with the final products. We do this by looking at prototypes, the bill of materials (BOM), the experience of the project team and partners, tooling and fulfillment costs, and more.

For those projects that don’t pass this vetting process, we try to give them as much feedback as possible so they can improve their project and try again.

How We Help Projects

Once a project is accepted to launch on Crowd Supply, we take an active role in helping it succeed. From strategy and public relations, to fulfillment and media production, we offer a range of optional services to help a project wherever it’s needed most. In addition, to each new project, we bring the experience of having launched hundreds of other products. Of course, projects can also tap into the existing community of Crowd Supply creators - for example, our Provider Directory is a great resource for finding suppliers and manufacturers with a track record at Crowd Supply.

Our Terms & Policies:

At a high level, our terms and policies can be summarized as:

  • Backers aren’t charged until the funding goal has been met.
  • We work with creators to ensure the funding goal is enough to manufacture and deliver the product.
  • If a creator cannot or will not deliver the product they promised, they are required to provide a refund.
  • Details of our return, exchange, and cancellation policies can be found on the returns page.
  • We are strong advocates of digital privacy and security.

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