Stereo Mic and Speaker HAT

A useful, colorful plug and play audio HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Stereo Mic and Speaker HAT is an audio HAT for Raspberry Pi boards with twin speakers and microphones for stereo audio playback and recording. Thanks to the onboard EEPROM that dynamically loads the device tree overlay, the HAT requires no installation. To get started, all you need to do is plug in the HAT and power up the Pi. Make sure to not plug and unplug the HAT while the Pi is powered and running, but really, it’s that easy!

By default, the amplifier gain is at +9dB, but the amplifier gain can be changed via the onboard pads by simply adding a dab of solder. The compact HAT measures 65mmx30mm, the same size as the Pi Zero, Adafruit’s bonnet HATs and Pimoroni’s pHATs, thereby making it easy to accommodate the HAT in a wide range of projects.

Features & Specifications

  • 2 ICS-43434 MEMS microphones.
  • 2 MAX98357 Class D audio amplifiers.
  • 5 APA102 RGB LEDs for projects that need an indicator.
  • CAT24C32 EEPROM.
  • 2 Terminals for connecting 3 W speakers.
  • 1 Pushbutton connected to GPIO17 for customizable actions.
  • Optional gain levels of +3 dB, +6 dB, +9 dB and +12 dB.
  • Compatible applications include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Mycroft, Volumio, and more!

Open Source

You can find open source Eagle schematics, board files, EEPROM binaries and scripts for LEDs in our GitHub repository.

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