Raspberry Pi CM4 expansion board with ChatGPT-based voice control, motor control, powerful sensors, and tons of tutorials

Nov 09, 2023

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The Journey of SaraKIT: From Vision to Innovation

by Artur Majtczak

As we venture into the first week of our campaign, we wanted to take a moment to talk about the history of SaraKIT’s development. SaraKIT is currently a universal expansion board enhancing the capabilities of Raspberry Pi with precise motor control and the ability to add voice control to devices, but it all started with the idea to create a voice assistant or, rather, the idea to create something more than a standard voice assistant. Instead of just another device that responds to commands, we wanted to create an assistant that could establish eye contact with the user and become a true companion in daily activities.

2018: First Concepts

The year 2018 was a time of initial experiments. We sought to create an intelligent device that would be fast, efficient, and capable of high-level interaction. We started by modifying a standard IP camera, which served as a "proof of concept" — evidence that our idea had potential.

2019: Component Selection

A breakthrough came with the search for the right components. We discarded stepper motors and servomechanisms — the former were inefficient, and the latter were too noisy and unreliable. We tested various configurations, trying to find the perfect balance between performance and cost.

2020: Prototyping with Raspberry Pi

With the help of Raspberry Pi, we began creating prototypes. Although this was a step in the right direction, we still needed more power and better component integration for our device to function smoothly.

2021: The Birth of SaraKIT

In 2021, we realized we needed our own expansion board that would allow for full customization and efficiency. Thus, SaraKIT was born — a system that enabled precise control of cameras and motors, giving users the freedom to create almost any kind of interactive device.

2022: Integration and Optimization

The following year was a time of intensive work on integrating SaraKIT with popular home automation platforms and voice assistants. We optimized the code and created a user-friendly environment that would allow for easy implementation and customization of functions.

2023: Market Introduction

SaraKIT is now ready to hit the market. We created a product that is not only functional but also accessible and easy to use for a wide audience.

The Future

Looking ahead, we hope SaraKIT will become the foundation for many innovative projects — from advanced home assistants to educational robots and beyond. We believe that our technology will open doors to new possibilities and change the way people interact with machines. Please consider supporting this project by claiming yours today while our campaign is live.

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