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Nov 15, 2023

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The Top Three Most Popular SaraKIT Projects

by Artur Majtczak

As an expansion board enhancing the capabilities of Raspberry Pi, SaraKIT can be utilized in an endless array of applications. Below, we’d like to present the top three most popular SaraKIT applications (so far!) across various fields:

1. Quiet, Fast, Precise Pan-Tilt Camera or Turret Base

Experience silent precision with BLDC Motors. Create a color/face-tracking camera using SaraKIT on Raspberry Pi 4. Forget about the noise of traditional servos! Check out this project at

2. Voice-Enabled Pi: SaraKIT’s Advanced Speech Control

Transform your Raspberry Pi with SaraKIT: Harness SaraKIT’s powerful voice command and assistant capabilities to create a magical interactive tech experience. Check out this project at

3. RC Car - LEGO Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 with SaraKIT

A smartphone-controlled remote-controlled car. Effortlessly steer the car with precision using just a few taps on your smartphone. Check out this project at

These projects showcase just a fraction of what’s possible with SaraKIT and Raspberry Pi. Stay tuned for more innovative applications and developments!

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