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Raspberry Pi CM4 expansion board with chatGPT-based voice control, motor control, powerful sensors, and documented example tutorials

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SaraKIT is a Raspberry Pi CM4 expansion board that enables advanced voice control and precise motor control. It features three sensitive microphones with sound localization for voice recognition up to 5 m away, two independent BLDC motor controllers providing quiet, fast and precise control for gimbal motors, a CSI interface with two cameras on a flexible cable, two accelerometers, a gyroscope, and a temperature sensor.

SaraKIT is a versatile and powerful solution for those who want to build modern and efficient voice-controlled products, robots, home automation, and interact with smart home or office devices.

SaraKIT Demo

Documented Examples Abound!

We provide a ready-made solution and many examples of what you can build with it. Our documented and follow-able examples include using SaraKIT with ChatGPT, support for Alexa and Google Home, home automation including voice control and facial recognition, object detection and tracking, and how to use a pan-tilt camera, plus more!

Features & Specifications

Hardware Overview

Open Source

SaraKIT is fully open source. You can find our source files in the SARAKIT GitHub repository, which includes schematic, BOM, Source code, firmware, and other sample code

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In the Press

Hackster News

"A remote-controlled car controlled by a smartphone. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can maneuver the car with precision."

Tom's Hardware

"The car is smartphone operated and stands out with 4-wheel drive alongside two differentials lending to some serious precision driving."

About the Team


Planet Earth  ·  SaraEye  ·

We are a team of enthusiasts who create modern solutions based on Raspberry Pi, using proprietary electronics and software with elements of artificial intelligence and voice control. In our projects, we also use tools such as LLM (ChatGPT), which allows for interaction with the user in an innovative way.

Artur Majtczak


Maciek Matuszewski


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