Bio Sensing


An open-source, low-power hiking/biking computer development board based on ESP32

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Build that perfect tracker for your personalized outdoors needs! Or a bluetooth sensor hub. Or a weather station. Or a wifi-controlled post-it note, a badge, datalogger, and so much more…

This board features a slew of sensors that can be used to make an awesome GPS tracker, weather monitor or biking computer. It is intended for makers who would like to play around with a reliable piece of hardware.

The design uses an ultra-low power, reflective memory LCD display, so you can see it clearly outdoors in bright light, and not kill the battery.


The hardware is open source, and software driver libraries are available for all the features. A very basic firmware is on its way to help get started. A few more details and links to source files for the entire project are available on Hackaday.

Happy hacking!

About the Team

Saurabh Gandhi

Seattle, WA

Saurabh is a neuroscientist by day, who loves to tinker, create, fix and more often break stuff around him.

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