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First Production Run

by Dejan Priversek

We are happy to report that we have made good progress since our previous update. The most important news is that EMC testing was completed successfully, and the production of ScopeFun is now in full swing.

Bare boards have already been delivered to Crowd Supply for fulfillment and will soon be sent out to the backers who ordered them.

The first batch of assembled boards has also been manufactured, and we are currently testing and calibrating those boards to ensure accurate measurements. This process involves adjusting the offset and gain of the analog channels and storing calibration data in EEPROM. In addition, each unit will be given a unique serial number that will be digitally signed and stored in EEPROM.

Aluminum enclosures have also been manufactured, so we expect to deliver finished ScopeFun units to our backers on schedule, as soon as we complete testing and calibration.

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Aluminum ScopeFun

A ScopeFun board in a custom made aluminum enclosure. USB cable included. All units will be delivered pre-calibrated.



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