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Jul 19, 2019

Taking Measurements Remotely

In this update we will look into the client-server architecture that makes it possible to control the ScopeFun hardware remotely and to access measurement data from a separate, Intenet connected device. Read the full update.

Jul 11, 2019

Turning ScopeFun into a Bode Analyzer Using the Python API

ScopeFun provides a Python API that you can use to create your own applications. It allows you to build upon and extend existing ScopeFun features without modifying the source code. To demonstrate it's use, we have created a Python script that turns ScopeFun into a Bode analyzer. Read the full update.

Jul 03, 2019

Hacking ScopeFun

Because ScopeFun is completely open source, users can modify it or add new features simply by editing the source code. To show how easy it is to customize ScopeFun, we have created a short tutorial in which we implement a filter inside the FPGA to average digital samples coming from the onboard AD converter. As we discussed in our previous update, this filter has the effect of reducing noise in the captured signal. Read the full update.

Jun 27, 2019

ScopeFun Noise Floor Measurements

Noise affects accuracy, especially when measuring low amplitude signals. Let's take a look at how ScopeFun performs in this regard. Read the full update.

Jun 20, 2019

Introducing the ScopeFun

ScopeFun in an open source, all-in-one instrumentation platform that includes an oscilloscope, an arbitrary waveform generator, a spectrum analyzer, a logic analyzer and a digital pattern generator. Our crowdfunding campaign is live! Read the full update.

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Aluminum ScopeFun

A ScopeFun board in a custom made aluminum enclosure. USB cable included. All units will be delivered pre-calibrated. The first 100 backers will also receive a free ScopeFun t-shirt.


Bare Board

An empty PCB, without components, for building a ScopeFun from scratch. You source and solder all components and calibrate the hardware yourself.


Oscilloscope Probes

Two high quality passive 20/250 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope probes for connecting to the ScopeFun's analog BNC inputs. Selectable between 1x and 10x.



We make high-end, open source instrumentation.

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