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Sherpa Putter Cover

Custom made golf putter covers using woolen tartans from Scotland and high-grade shearling. Unlike any other putter cover.

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Jul 07 2013
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Golfers Rejoice: Introducing THE FIRST shearling bootie for your putter. Support a luxurious, hand crafted and style-forward way of keeping your flat stick warm when it starts to get hot.

Closely following the sacred design covenants of Dieter Rams, the greatest feature of the Sherpa will not be noticed on first glance. Unlike every cover to putt the planet before it, our delicious Sherpa is void of clasps, buttons and noisy Velcro known to trigger dirty looks from playing partners on the greens that be.

Designed and manufactured by SEAMUS GOLF in the USA of high-grade shearling and beautiful heavy weight wool sourced from the Pacific Northwest and Scotland.

With your support, we hope to build out our infrastructure to be able to make these beautiful products here in our Oregon facility, alongside our other great golf head covers and offer them on a custom basis.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

Practice Range Pledges

Seamus Supporter ($5)

For supporting our dream you will receive a personal email from Megan & Akbar, thanking you for thinking of us and supporting our mission to spread the good wool. Small funny quip included in each e-mail, laugh not guaranteed and subject to reader sense of humor.

Mahogany Wood Hang Tag ($15)

Receive a mahogany wood bag tag with your name and a beautifully engraved houndstooth pattern on it. Perfect for hanging from your favorite golf or not-golf bag. Free shipping with this pledge.

Personalized Seamus Valuables Pouch ($35)

For a \$35 pledge, you will receive a beautiful upholstery grade tartan wool valuables pouch milled in the North of Scotland. Personalize your valuables pouch by having your name burned into the vegetable tanned leather. Offered in two tartans, the MacLaughlin clan (red & black) and the Shepherd clan (black & white), as seen below. A priceless, but in all actuality \$45 retail value.

Single, Walk on Pledges

Seamus Sherpa ($45)

For \$45 you can be the first to be rocking the Seamus Sherpa putter cover on your local course. Select from the five styles below. The Sherpa will retail at \$55, but we want to thank our earliest supporters with this special price. Tartans names are from left to right, as follows: Douglas, MacBeth, Stewart, Southwestern, Shepherd, & Pink Herringbone.

Limited Edition Seamus Sherpa ($55)

At a $55 pledge, you will receive a Limited Edition Seamus Sherpa, completely unique with 4 different tartans on each panel of the putter cover. Show off your unique style with this truly one-of-a-kind custom putter cover.

Seamus Sherpa + Seamus Valuables Pouch ($75)

For a $75 pledge you will receive one Seamus Sherpa and one Seamus Valuables Pouch. Mix or match these between 6 different styles or tartans. Great as a gift for Father’s Day, your favorite golfer, or to give your own bag a little extra style!

The Foursome Pledges

4 Seamus Sherpas ($165)

For $165 you will receive four Seamus Sherpas for your next foursome tea-time. Choose between 6 different patterns of tartans. A great way to get birthday shopping out of the way early or for prizes at your next golf tournament.

Tartan Selections

See the chart below with a list of available tartan patterns for your Sherpa.

###Key 1) Douglas 2) MacBeth 3) Southwestern 4) Shepherd 5) Stewart 6) Pink Herringbone

Product Features

*Results may vary, may not actually improve your short-game, but your putter will never have looked so good.

Manufacturing Plan

All of our products are crafted using the finest quality woven wool from either the Pacific Northwest or the North of Scotland, where traditional tartans have been produced for many centuries in highly durable grades. The Shearling we source is procured, treated and tanned from a facility in Texas. When the product arrives to our Beaverton, Oregon manufacturing facility, each fabric is hand cut and sewn by expert seamstresses in the Portland Metro area. The Sherpa, however, is currently manufactured by a highly talented artisan group in Vermont, and thus we hope to streamline our processes by adding more, if not all production steps locally in Oregon to allow for a truly custom ordering process.

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Produced by Seamus Golf in Portland, OR.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Seamus Supporters


Mahogany Wood Hang Tag

$15 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Seamus Valuables Pouch

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

The Seamus Sherpa

$45 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Limited Edition Seamus Sherpa

$55 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Seamus Sherpa + Seamus Valuables Pouch

$75 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

4 Seamus Sherpas

$165 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Seamus Golf

Portland, OR  ·

Oregon-based artisans handcrafting fine woolen accessories, specializing in uniquely original accoutrements that adorn a golfer’s lifestyle.

Megan Chisti
Akbar Chisti

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