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Apr 28, 2021

Project update 12 of 14

Field Report: TigerDen, a 3-D printed case for Tigard

by Hamid E

I created and open-sourced a 3D printable case for the Tigard called the TigerDen. I was first encouraged to take on the project by the open source nature of Tigard itself. The availability of Tigard’s 3D models and designs on GitHub inspired me to make a case that was similarly open sourced. I’m very new to 3D design, so I saw a good opportunity to expand my skills while hopefully creating something of use to others.

Thanks to the availability of FreeCAD, and the open source, open design nature of Tigard, designing the case to fit correctly was fairly straightforward. Making the slider switch extensions was a little challenging, as they were 0.4 mm at their base. But in the end, they fit and function very well. In the second version of the case, I reduced in-fill to improve printing time and provide better ventilation.

Sharing the case via my TigerDen GitHub repo proved to be quite popular, so I created and shared an "exploded assembly" animation which was also well received. The source for the animation can also be found in the TigerDen repo (requires "Exploded Assembly Workbench" in FreeCAD).

Since I bought the Bitmagic Logic Analyzer along with my Tigard, I’m considering showing that some case-design love too, time permitting. What am I doing with the Tigard itself? Well, not all things are to be shared, so that’s a secret, for now.

You can see more in this Twitter thread

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