BBC micro:bit + ESP32 for easy IoT connectivity

Aug 26, 2022

Cancellation Announcement

Thank you for your support in helping us achieve a backing of $1431.00 towards the initial batch of Wappsto:bit GOs. Currently, the lead time for core components is 88 weeks. This extensive waiting time is not fair to you. That is why we have decided to cancel the Wappsto:bit GO campaign. Read the full update.

Feb 16, 2022

Reducing Our Funding Goal

Thank you for your support! In consultation with Crowd Supply, we have decided to lower our funding goal from the original $6,000 to a $1 goal. This reflects the reality that we intend to produce at least 100 units of Wappsto:bit GO regardless of the outcome of the campaign. We will begin sourcing components next week and proceed with manufacturing as soon as the parts are in. We'll be sure to update you as we make progress, so stay tuned! Read the full update.

Feb 03, 2022

Air-Quality Monitoring & European Availability

We've made a guide that let's you turn your Wappsto:bit GO into an indoor air-quality monitoring system in just minutes! The full guide is available on our website. In addition, Wappsto:bit GO is now properly configured to allow European availability. If you were in Europe and were unable to back our campaign earlier, please try again. Read the full update.

Jan 05, 2022

Our Campaign Has Launched!

We are thrilled to be launching the Wappsto:bit GO campaign here on Crowd Supply. This framework is well-tested and simple enough that a 10 year old could use it to build their own basic Internet of Things device. At the same time—thanks in part to a preloaded Wappsto firmware that supports advanced third-party integrations, automations, and more—it is both sufficiently powerful and sufficiently reliable for use in serious projects. Read the full update.

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