BBC micro:bit + ESP32 for easy IoT connectivity

Aug 26, 2022

Project update 4 of 4

Cancellation Announcement

by Simon Hviid Venning

Dear Backers,

Thank you for your support in helping us achieve a backing of $1431.00 towards the initial batch of Wappsto:bit GOs.

Currently, the lead time for core components is 88 weeks. This extensive waiting time is not fair to you. That is why we have decided to cancel the Wappsto:bit GO campaign.

All orders will be cancelled by August 31st, and your money will be refunded by Crowd Supply.

In preparation for your refund, please review your order to be sure the bank account associated with the credit card you paid with is still active and able to receive a refund. (The card itself does not need to be active, only the bank account.) If it is not, please contact Crowd Supply support right away.

The Wappsto:bit team

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