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Friends, alumni, hausmates! As the Senior Haus family lives on, so too does Steer Roast! We hope you will join us this May 3-5, 2019 for a weekend of fun, food, and fellowship. And, once again, as well as your presence, whether physical or in spirit, we must humbly ask for your support of this storied and wonderful event.

The first Steer Roast was held in 1963.

Everything You Love About Steer Roast

Steer Roast this year will have everything you have come to expect since this event was created in the early 1960s:

Rock ‘n’ Roll




Fellowship & Family

Financial Support

Though Steer Roast continues as ever before, an event this big doesn’t come cheap, and we can no longer rely on the Institute’s deep pockets. For the time being, the funds to bring us all together every year need to come directly from the generosity of our community.

The total Steer Roast 2019 budget is somewhere around $13,000. We’d like to raise it all right here if we can. But to make sure we hit the target and this crowdfunding campaign goes through, we’ve set the initial target for about half of that number - $6,500 - the minimum it would take to pull off the event, assuming we would be able to round up some in-person donations at the event. But we ultimately do need that full amount - so even if we’ve already made the target by the time you read this, please donate anyway! We’ll tell you where the money goes, right here.

Use of Funds

Steer Roast has three main components: Feast, Friday music performance, Saturday music performance.

Because of the all-or-nothing nature of crowdfunding, the minimum target for this campaign covers the following:

  • BANDS: $3,000 for two nights of bands, same as last year
  • VENUE: $1,700 for two nights, up $100/night from last year
  • INVITATIONS: the reason you anxiously check your mailbox in March, $1,000

That’s our base target. If 65 alums donate $100 each, we’ll be there in a jiffy. But, of course, there’s much more that makes Roast Roast. Not least of which is the food. Our additional budget beyond the minimum funding goal is as follows:

  • FOOD: $3,500 (We’re responsible for all costs this year, and we want students to eat for free)
  • SECURITY & INSTITUTIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT: $1000 (Ask us at the event…)
  • STUDENT ART SUPPORT: $500 (Sport Art!)

What happens if (hopefully when!) we raise all THAT?

  • We’ll increase the art support, so we can let the current students’ creativity run wild.
  • We’ll get extra food for Sunday breakfast.
  • We’ll look at subsidizing some Senior House/Sport Death merch for current students, so they can keep flying the banner high!

Any ultimate surplus will be held by the Senior House Corporation. This is a 501c(7) social club formed by alumni to raise and manage funds for Steer Roast and student support. It relies on membership headcount to remain non-profit so please join here. Joining requires no membership fee, can be a one-time sign up without further contact except for a yearly invitation, or can mean staying in touch with alums and exchanging stories and hearing news. The Senior House Corporation supports Steer Roast and will also sponsor on-campus events for current students to keep Senior House alive as a student group on campus.

Please help out - we’re counting on you! We love you all, and Sport Roast forever!


As usual, Steer Roast will be held the first weekend of May, which this year is May 3-5. The schedule will be similar to previous years:

  • Pit Lighting ceremony on Friday afternoon
  • Friday Night bands at an off-campus venue in Central Square, Cambridge
  • Feast on Saturday afternoon
  • Saturday night bands at an off-campus venue in Central Square, Cambridge
  • Dawn service Sunday morning followed by Bramble Brunch


The 2019 band lineup will be posted here as it becomes available!

Senior House Corporation

Check out the official Senior House Corporation website to find out more about our 501c(7) social club, and to join!

Stay Updated!

We will try our best to update this page periodically, as we get new information. Please subscribe to project updates (above) to stay tuned!

Funding ends on May 05, 2019 at 04:59 PM PDT (11:59 PM UTC)


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