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May 05 2019
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Friends, alumni, hausmates! As the Senior Haus family lives on, so too does Steer Roast! Steer Roast 2019 will be held in Cambridge the weekend of May 3-5, 2019. All alumni are welcome! Join us and celebrate your time at MIT with the people you lived and worked with.

Steer Roast events will be held at locations in Cambridge. The schedule and locations of events can be found on the Senior House Corporation website. Steer Roast is a private event and to see the schedule, you’ll have to register on the website. Steer Roast is hosted by the Senior House Corporation, a non-profit 501c7 corporation formed by alums in 2018 to provide support for this and other events.

Steer Roast events are funded by alumni donations. Please support Steer Roast by donating to the corporation on this Crowd Supply site or on the Corp website SeniorHouseCorp.org. Last year, Roast was made possible by $12,500 in donations. Help us meet our goal of $13,000 this year. Budgets are available on the Corp site.

Please join the Senior House Corporation! It is a member driven organization and its tax-free status relies on events sponsored by and for members. Signing up is just entering your name, email, and years in residence – you can choose to be listed to other members and access the archives pages, contribute to stories and forums, or remain anonymous and just support our members headcount for the IRS.

Hope to see you in May!

The first Steer Roast was held in 1963.


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