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UDOO All-in-one case

Turn your UDOO board into a desktop computer project station.

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Sep 29 2016

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UDOO is a development platform for Android, Linux, and Arduino based on single board computers. One of the main advantages of the UDOO board is that you can connect it to an external monitor or LCD display so it functions as a standalone, full-featured computer. You don’t need a PC or laptop, UDOO itself becomes your development machine, allowing you to work on your software while directly plugging in any of the available Arduino shields. This flexibility is one of the main reasons we use UDOO in our own projects.

As much as we like the option to connect an LCD display, we’ve also wanted the ability to mount the display in a case that can hold it conveniently while still allowing us access to the UDOO board so we can easily add or remove Arduino shields. We wanted a case that would bring order to our desks, but would also provide the flexibility to tinker with the shields or add additional pcb boards or components as desired. We wanted a case that would be easy to assemble, disassemble, or carry around. So, instead of sitting around wishing for things, we created the UDOO All-in-one case.

A case that turns a UDOO board into a desktop computer ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

The UDOO All-in-one Case turns a UDOO Quad board into a fully functional, all-in-one 15" desktop computer. The case is designed to be compact, easy to assemble and disassemble, and yet flexible enough to provide easy access to the UDOO board to accommodate different Arduino shields. The case is ideal for the DIY enthusiast, student, or engineer looking for a case that allows easy access to the internals. No PC or external monitor is required. You simply mount the components in the case, plug in your favorite keyboard and mouse, and you’re ready to go.

Easy to assemble

Thanks to the simple design of the case, it’s very easy to assemble. You’ll have a ready-to-use computer in just a few minutes. Only four screws are required to mount the display, while four standoffs are used to install the UDOO board. The case can be easily disassembled for transport or reconfiguration.

Removable back panel

The back panel allows easy access to the UDOO board and any Arduino shields mounted on it. Other boards or HDD/SSD drives can also be easily mounted as required. Additional back panels are available so you can create different hardware configurations for different projects and swap them in and out as needed.

What you’ll need

To assemble a complete UDOO computer you will need:

These components are all available from the UDOO project web shop. You’ll also need to provide your favorite USB keyboard and mouse.

Open Hardware

The case is an open source design. You can head to our GitHub repository to download the design source files and use them to make your own version of the case.

Stretch Goal

If the total funds raised during the crowdfunding campaign reaches $4000, we’ll add a clear color option available to all the backers.

Manufacturing plan

We have already built and tested a couple of prototypes and are ready to start manufacturing. We will need backers to support an initial production run of a minimum of 20 kits in order to launch. The first 20 kits will be manufactured and shipped within one month after the campaign is finished. After the first cases are delivered, we’ll be able to ship another 20 units monthly until all the pledges are fulfilled.

Please note that the case shown here is a prototype. The final version may appear slightly different and include small modifications.


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Early Bird UDOO All-in-One Case

A specially priced “All-in-one Case” kit for the first five backers, containing the case and all of the hardware, screws, and standoffs needed for mounting the UDOO components and assembling the case. *Note that this pledge does not include screen, UDOO, power adapter, or cabling.

$60 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

All-in-one UDOO Computer Case

The “All-in-one Case” kit contains the case and all of the hardware, screws, and standoffs needed for mounting the UDOO components and assembling the case. *Note that this pledge does not include screen, UDOO, power adapter, or cabling.

$75 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Extra Back Panel

Additional back panel allows you to easy reuse the case with the mounted screen in your projects. If you are using a few UDOO boards with different Arduino shields you can mount them on multiple back panels and easily swap between them.

$15 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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