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GenBook RK3588

A modular open-source ARM laptop with up to 32 GB of RAM and DIY expansion capabilities

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GenBook RK3588 is an open-source laptop with Rockchip’s RK3588 at its heart. This powerful CPU integrates four Cortex-A76, four Cortex-A55 cores, and four Mali G610 graphics cores. An integrated NPU unit with 6 TOPS of computing power can meaningfully boost local machine learning tasks. This popular new chip allows users to use many popular open-source operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, and Armbian.

GenBook RK3588 adopts a modular design approach consisting of a System on Module and motherboard, facilitating future upgrades and developments. Users can also install higher-performance Wi-Fi modules and bigger 2280-size M.2 NVMe SSDs. And if you need more ports, the accessibility of UART, I2C, and a 50-pin FPC interface will allow you to modify your laptop however you can imagine.

Powerful and Flexible

Powered by Rockchip’s latest flagship SoC, the GenBook RK3588 is more than capable of tackling modern, intensive computing tasks. It can power three displays simultaneously, creating a super productive desktop setup. Demanding Linux apps like KiCAD and Qt benefit from its multicore power and up to 32 GB of RAM, compiling code and displaying complex models quickly. Finally, machine learning tasks like LLMs or machine vision can leverage the RK3588’s NPU—check out the table below to find out how it performs in several scenarios:

ScenarioModelCPU speed(ms)NPU speed(ms)
Character SegmentationPPHumanSegV2Lite-Portrait13343
Face DetectionSCRFD-2.5G-kps-64010842
Face RecognitionAdaFace/ArcFace/CosFace(R18)8112

Upgradeable and Modifiable

The GenBook RK3588 has a modular design, allowing users to easily upgrade or repair their laptops. For instance, the SoM can be replaced with other configurations, giving users upgrade options, such as a module with the same CPU and more RAM or another processor architecture in the future.

GenBook RK3588 supports internal displays with eDP interfaces up to 4K60P. It also supports the addition of touch screens with extended I2C interfaces. No software modifications are required to install a new or upgraded higher-resolution LCD panel. Multiple vendors’ panels are verified as compatible with the GenBook chassis.

Optional 5G expansion board connected via FPC interface.

We’ve designed GenBook RK3588 with a 50-pin FPC connector, providing even more interfaces for user expansion. We’ve already created an accessory PCB that provides 5G WWAN over the FPC connection and are investigating other boards to add PCIe, low-speed encryption chips, or an FPGA. Given its open-source nature, we hope the community will embrace and add to the options available for GenBook RK3588 expansion.

Features & Specifications

GenM5 System on Module:





Battery and charging

Other Features

Operating systems

Open Source

Genbook-RK3588 is open hardware, and we have already made materials ready for you to download. Schematics for the motherboard (OrCAD, PDF, PCB pad file) and GenM5 system on module (PDF) are on our website for you to download and modify. If you’re curious about what components are on our SoM, a BOM is public.

On the software side, we’ve made the kernel and Uboot source are both available (see our website for more information). Finally, we’ve made OS images ready for download.

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