HiFive1 Rev B

by SiFive

An open source, RISC-V development platform with wireless connectivity

Jan 02, 2020

Status of Next Batch

The latest shipment of the HiFIve1 Rev B Development Boards has been delayed several weeks due to a supply chain glitch we encountered in manufacturing. Read the full update.

Apr 18, 2019

HiFive1 Rev B Rolling Out of Assembly

We have an update from our manufacturing partner: the HiFive1 Rev B are rolling off the line and getting packaged up. Read the full update.

Mar 31, 2019

LED Pendulum Demo

As a fun little project, one of our engineers, Nate, created an LED pendulum using an LED light ring and an accelerometer connected to the HiFive1 Rev B. Read the full update.

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HiFive1 Rev B

Get a single HiFive1 Rev B dev kit, featuring the FE310-G002, SiFive's second generation open source RISC-V 32-bit SoC.


HiFive1 Rev B Five-pack

What’s better than a single HiFive1 Rev B? Get one for you, and one for your friends!


Five-pack of SiFive FE310-G002 Chips

Five FE310-G002 chips to use as you wish. This is the same second-generation SiFive Freedom Everywhere 310 chip used on the HiFive1 Rev B board.



SiFive brings the power of open source and software automation to the semiconductor industry, making it possible to develop new hardware faster and more affordably than ever before. From the first RISC-V silicon (Freedom E310) to the first 4+1 Linux-capable RISC-V SoC (Freedom U540), SiFive continues to innovate and provide the most complete RISC-V solutions in the market. With our platform for rapidly designing, testing and building RISC‑V-based core IP and chips, we’re accelerating the pace of innovation for businesses large and small.

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Technical Advisor

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