Analog Front-End Module for ECGs

Feb 14, 2017

Project update 3 of 7

Overview of What is to Come

Hello all. I just wanted to share with everyone a flow chart showing the overall steps that need to be done in order to fulfill your pledges.

Each block represents roughly what needs to be done to get to the next step (block) but being at one does not necessarily mean others down the line cannot be worked on. For example, while funds are awaiting transfer, I will be adding and testing a few new features to the breakout board based on feedback from various people that got a pre-production unit. In addition, some of the purchases (such as electrodes and leads) can be done without needing to have all the funds as their costs are rather low compared to the big cost of purchasing components and manufacturing/assembly. I look forward to posting more information/pictures as things come together.

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