Analog Front-End Module for ECGs

Feb 23, 2017

Project update 4 of 7

Electrodes for All

I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to upgrade the electrode stickers to a well known brand with more features which includes better adhesion, greater contact area, and increased reposition-ability. The better adhesion allows the electrodes to be worn for a greater amount of time without fear of falling off (up to 3 days) and the increased reposition-ability allows the user to move the electrode around in case there is a mistake in application or if an experiment calls for looking at the ECG from various lead configurations. Increased contact area means better contact leading to decreased impedance and less interference from noise due to contact degradation. Pictured below is a comparison of the former stickers (top) and the upgraded ones (bottom).

There will be a total of 12 electrode stickers in each kit and each group of three will be in their own sealed metalized package to prevent all of them from drying out between long application times.

The electrodes themselves have arrived as well and are the same kind used in healthcare settings featuring increased flexibility and tactility analogous to high-end multi-meter probe cabling.

Next on the list of updates will be a video showcasing an example of how easy it is to use your BES-AFE-1 breakout board with your favorite micro-controller development board followed by information regarding the newly designed feature-packed breakout board.

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