A full-featured LiFePO4 battery, power manager, and UPS for the Raspberry Pi

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Jan 28, 2019

Project update 14 of 19

Almost Done Shipping All Current Orders

We are done shipping rewards, and are working through the pre-orders!

It’s been taking longer than expected (sorry about that!), but it looks like we are done shipping out rewards to campaign backers, and we have made a start with pre-orders as well! According to the current tally I have from Crowd Supply, there are a total of 83 units still left to be shipped and we’re working on getting them done ASAP.

Could it be possible we ship later orders out before all earlier ordered have been filled? Unfortunately, this is a possibility, due to the different models, and the order in which my CM is making batches of them. At the moment I’m short on units with non-stackable headers, while I have an excess of units with stackable headers. I’m hoping more units with non-stackable headers will arrive early this week so I can finally ship the remaining units to Crowd Supply for distribution!

Again, thanks for your support and patience, it has been a learning experience to produce in this volume!

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