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A quiet, open source, ESP32-based, Wi-Fi-enabled relay that adds Home Assistant compatibility to your AC outlets

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SmaHoo stands for Smart Home Outlet. It is a high-quality, open source, ESP32-based outlet relay with Wi-Fi support. SmaHoo takes one input, has one output, and relies on a MOSFET instead of a relay.

What really makes SmaHoo "special"? Unlike standard relays, SmaHoo has no annoying clicking, thanks to the clever use of a TRIAC switch that with zero crossing control. Because it is open source, you can built in your own logic and adapt it to your needs.

What Can You Do With SmaHoo?

Place SmaHoo behind the socket for a power outlet in your home, and it makes that outlet "smart." Lights, for example, can be converted easily thanks to their AC input. SmaHoo can be remotely controlled so you can toggle the output via HTTP, MQTT, Google Home, Home assistant, and other such frameworks. Or you can toggle it manually, like a normal switch.

Connect SmaHoo to Home Assistant

  1. Install the device and power it on
  2. Connect SmaHoo to your local Wi-Fi (you can connect to it as an access point)
  3. Enter the MQTT broker details (server, port, optional username and password, etc.)
  4. SmaHoo should then appear within Home Assistant!

Home Assistant even provides an auto-discovery mechanism!

Features & Specifications

Open Source

You can find our source files and firmware in the SmaHoo GitHub Repo.

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In the Press

Hackster News

"The ESP32-based module is small enough to fit behind wall outlet covers and provide wireless connectivity."

About the Team

Slaesh GmbH

Cologne, Germany  ·   slaesh  ·

We are into hard- and software development, and currently focused on smart homes.

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