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Sep 07, 2021

Project update 2 of 25

Thank You, DIY, Open Source, and the Future

by Eiren

Thanks to your support, the SlimeVR campaign was funded within 12 hours. Currently, more than 1000 people have ordered themselves a Slime set or two. This is a huge step for open source VR, and hopefully it’s only the first of many.

SlimeVR was born out of a DIY, open source VR community. It was created as a standalone device for owoTrack, an open-source, full-body, VR-tracking solution that turns your phone into waist tracker. During the early days, a lot of brainstorming was done on the Discord server of yet another open-source VR FBT, AprilTag, which provides essentially free tracking by relying on webcams or phone cameras to scan printed QR codes.

And we believe in giving back to that community, which is why everything about SlimeVR is open: not only the software, the firmware, and the hardware, but also our development and decision-making processes. We aim to give users the freedom to build their own trackers and, where possible, to use existing devices as substitute trackers. That’s why owoTrack, mentioned above, is fully backwards compatible with SlimeVR. There are no small number of people out there who are currently using a phone (or five) as SlimeVR trackers – and many more who have already built their own DIY SlimeVR trackers, which helps us with testing while also spreading the word about SlimeVR.

A passionate open source movement like this one is especially important in a landscape where social-media giants have entered the VR space in an effort to monetize your data and your time.

Foot Tracking

Some users have asked us to show off the capabilities of different SlimeVR sets. In the short video below, you can see IceC00kie testing his DIY foot trackers, which are effectively an Enhanced Core Set with five full Trackers and three Tracker Extensions. The SlimeVR campaign video does not fully explore the possibilities of foot tracking due to a poor avatar choice on our part…

What’s in the Future for SlimeVR

Right now we are getting new quotes for the project’s main chip, the BNO085. Our overall manufacturing time line will depend on the lead times that manufacturers and suppliers give us for that part. We will share it as soon as we know more!

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