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Dec 11, 2019

Project update 8 of 9

Final Shipping Starts Soon

by Emanuele C

Just a quick update to share that Somu is on his way, though a bit behind!

Somu units were shipped to Portland, where final preparation was completed by Crowd Supply. Next, they’re on to the distribution warehouse, and then to your doorsteps. But because this is the busiest time of year for shipments, orders may be going out slower than we’d hope. To be cautious, we and Crowd Supply are saying that orders will ship out this month. Some may ship sooner, but it’s best not to bet on it.

For now, please do check your shipping address in your Crowd Supply account and update it if necessary. You’ll get a notification email with a tracking number when your package has left distribution. The best way to reach out about shipping questions or issues is to write directly to Crowd Supply, as we=SoloKeys don’t handle this last piece of shipping.

Back to Somu: this is not the end of the campaign, this is the beginning of the world domination! We look forward to hearing your feedback - how do you like Somu? What could we improve in a possible v2? And most importantly, what are you making with Somu?

In order to gather this invaluable feedback, we’re launching an official "Field Reports" program. Are you making a FIDO2 web app that was programmed on a train? Are you learning STM32 development on a flight? Are you running Arduino on Somu and your (my!) mom can’t complain about wires all over the places? Share your experience with us, whether you post it as a tweet, a blog post, or a bigger project. We’ll collect the best reports and share them with the community in upcoming updates.

We’re also always looking for projects that want to add FIDO2 functionality and could benefit from our firmware. This is how Somu was born and after that, Nitrokey and Nth Dimension (here on Crowd Supply!) have launched products with our FIDO2 code. You can be the next one.

Finally, if you didn’t read, Crowd Supply also has a wider "Field Reports" program, with a cash prize in Dec! Check it out at:

Ah, we’re also incredibly proud to share that Somu is already FIDO2 certied, we just got the news in our inbox.

We can’t wait for you to receive your Somu(s), we’ll see you on Twitter @SoloKeysSec and @crowd_supply, have fun with Somu and share your Field Reports!

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