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Sep 10, 2019

Project update 5 of 9

Goal Reached!

by Emanuele C

We reached the goal! Well, this was last week :) we’re well over $40k now…

We’ve been pretty busy with travels and kicking off manufacturing, here’s a summary of what happened and will happen.

But before we get into the weeds, a reminder that the campaign has not ended, we still have 25 days to go, tie die cases to make and SSH/GPG to code… so don’t forget to keep supporting and sharing with your network.


Conor just flew from Bali to Shenzhen. If you’re in the area, say hi you may win a free tour to our manufacturer who will make the colored cases.

Emanuele was at CHES 2019 in Atlanta last week and Nicolas is going to Lisbon for the FIDO Alliance Interoperability Event, where the plan is to do all tests to certify Solo Tap and Somu. Where is Solo…? Well, stay tuned for some great news ;)

Haden also moved, but that’s personal, not related to Solo/Somu.


As promised, we reached the goal and started manufacturing immediately. We acquired all components and ordered PCBs, we expect to have them by end of Sep. We’ll keep you posted.

Maker Faire in Rome

We’re going to Maker Faire in Rome in Oct! The whole team will be there, so it’s a rare opportunity to take a selfie with all 4 of us and a great excuse to take a trip to Italy. Somu will be there too, of course.

We can’t wait to celebrate the next milestone with you — keep on sharing Somu!

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