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A tiny FIDO2 security key for two-factor authentication and passwordless login

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The Campaign is Almost Over!

by Conor Patrick

This is your last chance to order Somu with a discount, before it goes up to $35 USD.

Silicone Cases

Since we’re pretty close to $50k, we went ahead and ordered the cases to include the red+black tie-dye option.
And I visited our silicone factory last week! Here are some photos.

The molds are for Solo cases. Here is a video I took of the silicone getting mixed with some additives to make it stronger. This is also how color gets mixed in. A swirl is created by mixing red and black separately, and then partially mixing them together.

Just recently, the mold for Somu was completed.


We’ve been working towards OpenPGP functionality for all Solos/Somus. Our partner, Oleg, has been testing it with GnuPGP already! We still need to fix a few bugs and port the functionality to Solo/Somu. You’ll hear back from us when it’s time to update :)

Solo Crowdfunding in Japan


If you have any Japanese friends, please share!

Thanks! Conor

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An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security key that fits inside your USB Type-A port.


Solo Tap USB-A

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-A key fob that is NFC capable.


Solo Tap USB-C

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-C key fob that is NFC capable.



​At SoloKeys, we make open source hardware for secure applications.

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