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Esparagus Media Center

The ESP32-based streaming audio player

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Esparagus Media Center is a series of three ESP32-based audio products designed to modernize aging stereo speaker systems with cutting-edge internet streaming capabilities.

These standalone devices connect to your existing hi-fi system, offering a fast and simple upgrade. All three boards are based on the ESP32 microcontroller, so they barely use any power while idle, and boot up in seconds.

Esparagus Media Center boards come with firmware that runs Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and Logitech Media Server, and can receive Bluetooth audio from a local source like a smartphone. They can be used to build multi-room audio systems and because they use open hardware and firmware, can be customized to run your own software.

Three Powerful Audio Streamers

Esparagus Hi-Fi MediaLink is designed to be embedded into your stereo amplifier, adding modern sources to aging hardware. It has a hi-fi digital audio converter with line-level output that will not disappoint demanding listeners.

Loud Esparagus drives speakers directly using nothing more than a standard USB-C wall power adapter. Combined with small 3-watt speakers, it can easily enliven a small room or workplace.

Louder Esparagus is a full-scale streaming audio center in the living room (or dorm) with relatively large speakers. 2 channels driving 20 watts each through a highly efficient D-class amp that packs a punch. It adds an Ethernet alternative to standard wireless connectivity. It uses a USB-C Power Delivery-compliant power adapter.

All of the Esparagus Media Center boards run squeezelite-esp32, which is configured to utilize every onboard peripheral. The integration has been tested by the author and community members, collecting and incorporating invaluable feedback on every development step.

Features & Specifications

Esparagus HiFi MediaLinkLoud EsparagusLouder Esparagus
MCUESP32 Dual Core 32-bit microprocessor running at 240 MHzESP32 Dual Core 32-bit microprocessor running at 240 MHzESP32 Dual Core 32-bit microprocessor running at 240 MHz
Flash16 MB16 MB16 MB
DACPCM5100A 32 bit Stereo DAC -100 dB typical noise levelDual I2S DAC (MAX98357) with built in D-Class ampStereo I2S DAC (TAS5805M) with built in D-Class amp
Power3x LP5907 3.3 V Ultra-Low-Noise LDO5 V from USB-CUp to 20 V from USB-C PD
Output2.1 VRMS Line-level stereo output 3.5 mm jack2x 3 W2x 22 W at 20 V over USB-PD
PeripheralsExternal Wi-Fi Antenna, WS2812B RGB LEDExternal Wi-Fi Antenna, WS2812B RGB LEDExternal Wi-Fi Antenna, WS2812B RGB LED IR receiver, W5500 SPI LAN
Size80 x 50 x 20 mm80 x 50 x 20 mm100 x 80 x 38 mm

Open Source

Project information and design files can be found on GitHub and Hackaday.

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