Loud ESP

Portable, open-source, ESP32-powered audio-development platform with a touchscreen and support for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

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Feb 28, 2023

Project update 1 of 2

And, We're Live!

by Andriy

Have you ever felt like your beloved projects deserve the right to speak? And not just beep beep and ta da, but actual, informative, appealing sounds? How about two-channels stereo audio? You could have some fun with that, right? Surely someone has written Wi-Fi-radio firmware…but what if I told you someone has even created an ESP32-powered Spotify smart speaker? That should be enough to keep those two cores busy, don’t you think? Just add a Lithium battery for portability and you have yourself a complete product!

Anyway, that was my inspiration for this project. Loud ESP is compact, portable, powerful, and efficient, so you can really dig into the ESP32’s potential, both for proper Hi-Fi audio applications and for simple talking gadgetry.

Make it sound!

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