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Mar 13, 2023

Project update 2 of 7

Running Euphonium on the Loud ESP

by Andriy

This quick update will demonstrate how to use the audio capabilities of the Loud ESP board with Euphonium streaming audio software. The Euphonium team put a lot of effort into creating a versatile and extensible streaming audio player that can run on an ESP32 with PSRAM.

The easiest way to install Euphonium is to download the latest release binaries, (as opposed to building it all from scratch). Since Euphonium is in rapid development, we’ll take the easy path.

Start by downloading the latest bundle (version 0.3.0 at the time of writing) from the release page and unpack it in any directory you choose. You should end up with a build folder and a flash_all.sh script.

Now, connect your Loud-ESP to the USB port and switch it on. First, we need to find out which serial port it is running on. In Linux, you can run an ls /dev/ttyUSB* command, which will output something like /dev/ttyUSB0. In Windows, you’ll need to find Loud ESP’s port assignment as a COM device using the Windows Device Manager.

In addition, be sure to install the esptool.py script available standalone or as part of the ESP-IDF framework.

Next, run:

./flash_all.sh /dev/ttyUSB0

After a minute, the board will restart and boot into Wi-Fi station mode so you can configure it properly.

The first configuration step is to provide Wi-Fi creadentials. For that, you need to connect to the board’s Wi-Fi network and navigate to

Once you’re online, you’ll need to configure the audio device, which is done by specifying three I2S pins: CLK(26), DATA(22), and WS(25).

That’s it! You now have a remotely controlled music streamer with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio in one package.

Connect up an external On/Off switch, a couple speakers, and a Li-Ion battery, mount it all in a cardboard box with some hot glue, and you’ve got yourself a budget boom-box!

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