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Mar 04, 2021

Project update 4 of 9

AMA, Watch Faces, and Case Design Contest!

We will be hosting an AMA chat on the Crowd Supply Discord chat server next Thursday (March 11th) at noon PST. Join us and ask your questions about Watchy! If you can’t make it next week, you’re always welcome to join Watchy’s Discord to share questions and ideas!

Watch Face Highlights

The Watchy community continues to amaze us with these incredible watch faces! This week we have Mickey by @spinal, @PeerDavid’s LCARS (for all the Star Trek fans out there), Big Time and Poe by @BrainInABowl, and an image gallery watch face by @wolfdtx. You can find all these watch faces and their source code added to our gallery of watch faces.

Case Design Contest Closes in Two Weeks!

Don’t miss out on a chance to win a $500, $250, or $100 cash prize for your enclosure design! We’ve also added three new case designs with all the STLs, STEP, and Fusion 360 design source files to help you get started. Remix our designs or create your own from scratch! Full contest details can be found on our contest page. Submissions close at at 11:59 PST March 16, 2021.

One of our new case designs rocks an industrial look, and will be a candidate for the final design of the CNC aluminum enclosure. We hope to get our CNC prototype soon to show you all! Here is a render based on the 3D model:

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