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Aug 04, 2021

Project update 9 of 9

Assembly Guide & Support Resources


Most Watchy orders have been shipped, and more are going out every day! If you have already received yours, or if you are excitedly watching your tracking number progress, here are some useful resources:

Watchy Issues Google Form:

We are collecting all issues related to Watchy UX at this Google Form. If you’ve received your Watchy and are having problems with it, please let us know through the form!

If you’ve already sent in a request:

We are working through the issues that we’ve recieved from you so far, thanks for your patience! For replacement orders, we will send you a tracking number when we ship the replacement; if you haven’t gotten a tracking number yet, you can ping us for the status at

Orders damaged in transit:

If your Watchy screen was damaged during shipping, please contact contact Crowd Supply for assistance.

Extra screens:

If you need to order a replacement or extra screen, we are unfortunately out of stock! In the meantime, you can find a suitable alternative here.


If the buttons on your Watchy were damaged during assembly and you need to order replacements, you can find them here. If the buttons are unresponsive, you likely need to perform a firmware update, which can be done following this guide.

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