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May 23, 2016

Project update 8 of 20

The Color Blue

Today is the beginning of the final 7 days of the campaign. Please tweet and share on facebook if you have not done so already to make sure that nobody misses out on hearing about this: Forrest Mims electronics projects are back - <> - Check out Circuit Classics today!

Furthermore, I have some exciting news for you:

When I launched this project I hoped to be able to produce circuit boards that were of a blue color, as I mention in the campaign video.

To me blue is the color of the sky, and the color of wonder. Blue is the color of architectural blueprints, which I’ve had in mind as an analogy for the role these boards might play as a guide to the world of how things work. Blue is also a color essentially never seen on a circuit board. It’s difficult to do because the usual circuit board material ("FR4") is yellow and when coated with the translucent blue lacquer, ends up looking a rather greenish teal.

To date all of my boards and prototypes have been purple, thanks to OshPark. Their signature soldermask color and all of the boards they make are that highly recognizable violet color that you’ve seen on the boards shown in the prototype.

So, to bring the boards that I envisioned to you the color blue, I’ve been working with a different local board manufacturer: Bay Area Circuits, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been great to work with on this. Here’s a photo of the samples they’ve sent (you can clearly see how a normal blue lacquer appears usually greenish).

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