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8-32 channel TI ADS1299 Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition

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Electronics Have Arrived

by Adam

I just want to let you know we’ve received all the HackEEG electronics, electrodes, and connectors necessary to fulfill all orders, as well as the NuPrep gel and Ten20 EEG paste for Deluxe Kits. Things took about a month longer than expected due to the COVID-19 crisis.

UPS lost our shipment of DIN-42-802 connectors that was on route to the manufacturer– I had replacements connectors manufactured, but not in time for the electronics manufacturer to place them on the connector boards at the factory.

This week I will be soldering the connectors onto the connector boards by hand this week and testing the HackEEG units. I should be able to pack and send the HackEEG kits to Crowd Supply for fulfillment next week.

I’ll post updates as I have them.

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Product Choices


HackEEG 8-Channel Basic Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, and an electrode connector.


HackEEG 8-channel Starter Kit

Includes one HackEEG board, a ribbon cable, and a connector board with ten DIN 42-802 touch-proof electrode connectors (eight inputs, one reference, one ground).


HackEEG 8-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, an electrode connector, Arduino Due, ten silver chloride EEG electrodes, two ounces of Ten20 conductive paste, and four ounces of NuPrep prep gel.


HackEEG 32-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes 4 x HackEEG, 4 x ribbon cable, 4 x electrode connector, 1 x Arduino Due, 40 x silver chloride EEG electrode, 4 x two ounces Ten20 conductive paste, 4 x four ounces NuPrep prep gel.



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