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Feb 22, 2020

Project update 12 of 15

Electronics Manufacturing Orders Placed

by Adam

Orders have been placed for electronics manufacturing for the HackEEG and Connector-8 boards. HackEEG boards are slated to be here on 10 April. The Connector-8 boards will arrive slightly before that. I’ll then test them, package them with the kits, and ship them to CrowdSupply.

The date above includes forecasted delays due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation in China– HackEEG’s printed circuit boards are made in China, so things are running a little bit slower than normal. Component supplies and assembly are all located in the USA so won’t be delayed.

In the meantime, I’m preparing to order the rest of the Deluxe kit components for backers who ordered them, and putting finishing touches on the drivers and documentation. More on that soon!

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