8-32 channel TI ADS1299 Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition

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Jul 30, 2021

Project update 15 of 15

Jupiter Nano - A tiny, high-performance computer designed for biosignals acquisition

by Adam

I have a new project launching on Crowd Supply, and I thought people who are interested in HackEEG might want to take a look. Jupiter Nano is a small, high-performance computer that runs Linux or the NuttX Real Time Operating System (RTOS). It is designed to get lots of biosignals data from sensors and peripherals into its own SD Card storage or onto a host computer at high speed. It’s not specifically made for HackEEG, but if you’re looking for a portable computer that can talk to HackEEG or similar devices, Jupiter Nano is a good candidate.

If that sounds interesting, please check out the Jupiter Nano campaign page to learn more. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting lots of detailed information about Jupiter Nano—and hosting an AMA on Crowd Supply’s Discord channel—so I invite you to register for updates and to reach out if you have any questions!

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