Jupiter Nano

Tiny, high-performance computer that runs Linux or the NuttX real-time operating system

Dec 22, 2021

Project update 10 of 12

Production Update 2

by Adam

Here’s a quick status update on Jupiter Nano production and estimated ship date. The boards are in production, the manufacturer has received the PCBs and all parts, and they have set the ship date to us as January 14, 2022. The boards should arrive Seattle on January 18th, and we need about 3 weeks to get them tested, packaged, and shipped to Crowd Supply’s distribution center so they can fulfill the orders.

We’re running about 6 weeks behind schedule due to supply chain issues– as we began sourcing materials to do the production run, we discovered that many commodity parts were unavailable, specifically various resistors, capacitors, and power transistors. It took several weeks to work out those supply issues, and several more to get the parts to the manufacturer. All those issues have now been resolved. PCBs have been ordered, key components are at the manufacturer, and the remaining ones are in transit.

I’ll post more updates as the boards move through the production stages.

If you have questions, please contact me at adam@starcat.io.

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