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The Qwiicest way to I²C - connect your boards straight to the Qwiic ecosystem

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Upgrade all your favorite development boards Qwiicly. This project will provide a selection of toolboxes to Qwiic-enable many of the most popular development boards. It will also include a Qwiic NFCPROM that adds easy-to-use NFC capabilities to almost any project.

Qwiinket and NFCPROM. Host board not included in pledge levels.

Boards Summary

This is a summary of the boards that will be part of the QwiiKit campaign. The boards are:


This is a 15 mm X 15 mm dual-port NFC/I2C EEPROM with a Qwiic connector. A microcontroller can program messages into the EEPROM using I2C through the Qwiic connector, and then a mobile device with NFC can read the message. There is an LED that lights up when NFC is active.

Qwiic Arduino Multi Adapter

This is an Arduino Uno side board designed to add Qwiic support to a variety of Arduino form factors. In adition to Arduino Uno headers, it also has headers for the Arduino Nano, Arduino Pro Mini, and the Arduino MKR series. Each set of headers is connected to a Qwiic connector and a microSD card connector. The smaller Arduino adapters can be broken out of the board so that they can all be used simultaneously.

Adafruit Qwiic Adapters

There will be three adapters designed to work with popular Adafruit boards

Feather Qwiing

This adapter provides two Qwiic connectors and a microSD connector. It also includes locations to install UEXT and SAO headers.


This is an adapter backpack for the ItsyBitsy board that adds a Qwiic connector, microSD connector and LiPo charger with JST battery connector. It is designed to be mounted flush to the back side of the ItsyBitsy board.


This is an adapter backpack that adds a Qwiic connector to the Adafruit Trinket board. It is designed to be mounted flush to the back side of the Trinket board.

mikroBUS Qwiic Click

This is a mikroBUS click board that provides a Qwiic connector and microSD connector.

Qwiic Shitty Adapter

Add Qwiic boards to your favorite badge with this Shitty Add On adapter.

About the Team

Steiert Solutions

Olympia, WA  ·

A seasoned engineer who loves to tinker and share. Creating a few pieces to help inspire others to play with electronics and maybe learn a little along the way.

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